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18th July 2014

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18th July 2014

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By far the stupidest criticism of the new Thor is ‘no where in Norse mythology is Thor a woman, stop messing with mythology.’

Right, because Norse mythology is just fucking filled with stories about Thor hanging out with Iron Man and Captain America at the Avengers Tower.

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18th July 2014

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Norse Mythology

  • Everyone: LOKI NO
  • Loki: LOKI YES
  • *later*
  • Loki: Okay yeah, Loki no.

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18th July 2014

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  • Age 5: i wanna be part of the xmen
  • Age 18: i wanna be part of the xmen

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18th July 2014

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"Image Credit: Carol Rossetti

When Brazilian graphic designer Carol Rossetti began posting colorful illustrations of women and their stories to Facebook, she had no idea how popular they would become. 

Thousands of shares throughout the world later, the appeal of Rosetti’s work is clear. Much like the street art phenomenon Stop Telling Women To Smile, Rossetti’s empowering images are the kind you want to post on every street corner, as both a reminder and affirmation of women’s bodily autonomy. 

"It has always bothered me, the world’s attempts to control women’s bodies, behavior and identities," Rossetti told Mic via email. "It’s a kind of oppression so deeply entangled in our culture that most people don’t even see it’s there, and how cruel it can be."

Rossetti’s illustrations touch upon an impressive range of intersectional topics, including LGBTQ identity, body image, ageism, racism, sexism and ableism. Some characters are based on the experiences of friends or her own life, while others draw inspiration from the stories many women have shared across the Internet. 

"I see those situations I portray every day," she wrote. "I lived some of them myself."

Despite quickly garnering thousands of enthusiastic comments and shares on Facebook, the project started as something personal — so personal, in fact, that Rossetti is still figuring out what to call it. For now, the images reside in albums simply titled “WOMEN in english!" or "Mujeres en español!" which is fitting: Rossetti’s illustrations encompass a vast set of experiences that together create a powerful picture of both women’s identity and oppression.

One of the most interesting aspects of the project is the way it has struck such a global chord. Rossetti originally wrote the text of the illustrations in Portuguese, and then worked with an Australian woman to translate them to English. A group of Israeli feminists also took it upon themselves to create versions of the illustrations in Hebrew. Now, more people have reached out to Rossetti through Facebook and offered to translate her work into even more languages. Next on the docket? Spanish, Russian, German and Lithuanian.

It’s an inspiring show of global solidarity, but the message of Rossetti’s art is clear in any language. Above all, her images celebrate being true to oneself, respecting others and questioning what society tells us is acceptable or beautiful.

"I can’t change the world by myself," Rossetti said. "But I’d love to know that my work made people review their privileges and be more open to understanding and respecting one another."

From the site: All images courtesy Carol Rossetti and used with permission. You can find more illustrations, as well as more languages, on her Facebook page.

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15th July 2014

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girls all go to the bathroom together because that’s where we rap battle

15th July 2014

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I slowed down Expiration Date and OW my sides.

Just picture them drunk


Scout sounds drunk off his ass, oh my god

I need to draw this jsfc

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15th July 2014

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mainstream tumblr feminism may have many glaring faults but it has bred an army of teenage girls who understand the common ways that misogyny is reinforced in society and who know that they’re better off loving their fellow woman than fighting with her and that’s actually pretty damn revolutionary

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15th July 2014

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Who says money can’t buy happiness. Money can buy you a 100 acre plot of land which you can turn into a farm sanctuary for rescued animals and that is happiness.

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15th July 2014

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Imagine an organization called Homosexuality Speaks run entirely by straight people, many with gay children.

They discuss the harrowing epidemic of being gay, shouting “1 in 10!" to the sky as a dreadful cry.

They spend their days wondering how to eradicate such an “abnormal” and “inappropriate” condition.

"How sad, they’ll never be able to fit in to enjoy the traditional dating structure like everyone else!" they say.

They research what makes folks gay in the first place…but only to abort gay people and wipe out the condition.

In fact, they don’t even want to say “gay people.” They’re people with homosexuality. Emphasize the person first, they say! Don’t define them by their negative condition; look beyond that! After all, the folks at Homosexuality Speaks would love their children if only they were straight.

And they’re not alone in this anti-gay pro-extermination dogma. Dozens of huge corporations support and sponsor them. Terrified yet?

If Homosexuality Speaks would strike you as a hate group, you should feel the same way about Autism $peaks.

don’t forget the ads that paint the parents as the victims of their gay child

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